SEO Risks to Take & Avoid

Do you have a tough time seeing the value of your SEO efforts? Well, there’s so much information & misinformation out there regarding SEO, and it certainly can increase the complexity of this decision.

Many firms are naturally anxious about trying out something they aren’t acquainted with, but let’s face it; almost any business decision is going to carry some risks with it. Some can be ignored, and some can guide to unexpected & serious growth.

However, the question is what SEO risks are worth it, and which must be avoided. Let’s talk about them a bit elaborately.

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SEO Risks That Are Worth Taking:

Getting & giving high-quality backlinks:

Why would one firm feature a link to another firm’s website & risk the internet users leaving their page?

Backlinks are well-established parts of SEO, and most firms wish to get as many of them as they can. They assist in increasing ranking & build authority.

However, it isn’t just about being the one with the most links. Sometimes you should give a little back.

Yes, you may risk losing a few visitors by offering a link to other top-quality websites, but concurrently, you are showing Google that you’re using & referencing dependable sites with well-known authority.

Enhancing the URL structure of your website:

Preferably, the URL of your homepage must be short, with only the company name, such as

However, subsequent pages must have targeted keywords & be more precise about the content of the webpage.

Even so, you don’t wish to let the URL get out of hand. If they are too long & illustrative, the search engine will shorten their display with a […] after a cut-off point.

So, it may be the time to change some of your URLs with an overhaul of the website’s structure.

Purchase expired or accessible domains:

Some site owners, for whatever reason, don’t renew their domains, making them accessible for others to purchase & use.

Purchasing some domains with a history & redirecting them to your website can possibly a fast & simple way to boost the number of useful backlinks adding some link juice to your website.

SEO Risk That You Want To Avoid:

Poor doorway pages:

Doorway pages are easy and simple to create in groups to target particular keywords & keyword groups. SEO professionals generally ignore doorway pages because Google very much dislikes them & penalizes sites that employ them.

Disallowing neutral backlinks:

You wish good backlinks to your site, not the bad ones. What about the neutral ones, that don’t aid, yet don’t hurt your site’s ranking & SEO?

Neutral backlinks mayn’t provide your site the SEO boost it requires, but they also won’t let you face Google’s potentially harsh penalties.

Making excessive small SEO changes to your site:

Occasionally, it’s a good idea to update the content of your site. In fact, Google like fresh and updated content.

However, regularly changing the content & the look of your site, even a little bit at a time, strictly for SEO purposes, won’t go unobserved by Google or your website visitor.

Making excessive changes to your site or making the changes frequently will raise red flags for Google which will possibly see your webpage as distrustful & likely penalize your site.

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