Top 4 Web Design Mistakes That May Hurt Your SEO

We all agree with the fact that the best websites are designed for both users & search-engines! That means we should never forfeit beauty over functionality, or vice versa. Check out your site for the following 6 typical mistakes to see if your great design is stopping your pages from ranking high in search engines. Website design specialists B4B can be your best webmasters if you have a business in Greater London and all over UK.

Missing H1 Tags:

Just imagine surfing a site with a great background picture, an elaborate color scheme, and a well-planned font. It looks great! Surfing through it feels like a stroll in a lovely garden.

However, the website is of no work if no one will find it in the search engines.

Why? Because quite often website developers and designers forget very essential SEO elements.

The most typical fault is eliminating an H1 tag only because there’s no place for it on the page.

For your knowledge, H1 tag is one of the 1st elements search engine crawlers will see to confirm what the page is all about. Hence, having anH1 tag and incorporating your targeted keyword, enhances your possibilities of ranking higher in search engines.

SEO Tags

Large images and media files:

No doubt beautiful images make your site look great. But you should be cautious about the size of the media files. Incorporating large videos and images can unconstructively impact your website speed, which may upshoot in lower ranking. You can use Screaming Frog to spot large images & media files on your website. Once you have recognized those images, resize or compress them & re-upload to your site. Don’t forget that Google appreciates pages that load quickly.



Off late Google warned sites to ignore employing intrusive interstitials & pop-ups. User experience, particularly on mobile appliances, is quite vital to Google. When elaborate popups emerge before your users can access main content, it may unconstructively impact UX and hence your search engine optimization.


Text in images:

Shockingly, this is a widespread mistake. Rather than incorporating a text on an image, several website design specialists just incorporate text into an image.

For beginners, search engines cannot “see” the images like people do. Henceforth, search engines cannot “read” the text over the image. Essentially, it is the equivalent not to incorporate the text at all.

Get in touch with a Website Design Specialist at Branding For Business and rest assured that both your website design & SEO campaign will run smoothly. We offer free consultations and advice. For any help, don’t hesitate to contact us on 02034 882448.

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